3D Inspection, 3D Scanning, Mobile Optical CMM

Supplemental Design offers two types of 3D Inspection: 3D Scanning using metrology grade laser 3D Scanners and Short-Range Photogrammetry. While 3D Scanning is more widely known than Short-Range Photogrammetry, it has been in use for quite some time, mostly in large industry and heavy construction.

3D Inspection software is used to analyze 3D data for quality control and inspection purposes. It can help manufacturers measure complex and soft parts faster and more accurately than contact-based techniques. Additionally, the process can reduce scrap in manufacturing and help understand why a part failed.

3D Scanning is the most commonly used method to acquire dimensional data for the purpose of 3D Inspection. However, when objects are too large to reasonably 3D Scan and/or don’t require that level of detail or coverage, short-range photogrammetry has proven to be a very accurate, reliable and quicker method to obtain dimensional data for 3D Inspection. Photogrammetry has been referred to as Mobile Optical CMM because they’re very portable and measure coordinates of point locations much like a CMM machine.

If you are interested in our 3D inspection services, please contact us with your project details and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and schedule. We look forward to working with you.